MH Catering

“eJIGSAW did a fantastic job on both the new website and rebranding.”

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01 The Client

MH Catering

Over the last 3 years, Martin Hurd and his team have built a reputation for beautiful food, memorable events and outstanding service. Martin came to eJIGSAW with big ambitions for the future of MH Catering, and we instantly got to work doing this amazing business the justice it deserved.

02 Branding

Their existing identity was not a true representation of the quality that was on offer from Martin and his team. Our design team worked on several brand identity concepts before concluding our exploration with a simple, yet elegant mark that would fit the future of MH Catering.

03 Communicate, Simple

As a reflection of their diverse services, the final mark needed to be adaptable for future business development as well as easily transferable across multiple platforms. Sophistication and approachability through simplicity were the main objectives. The clean aesthetic we created for MH Catering visually communicates their seamless service.

04 Letting the Food Do The Talking

By understanding the responsibility of communicating the high standards that MH Catering has to offer we have been able to deliver a website that reflects their business accurately. While designing the website it was our primary goal to let the food speak for itself by implementing white space and animations effectively throughout, without over-complicating things.

Martin Hurd

Director, MH Catering


eJIGSAW did a fantastic job on both the new website and rebranding. The new logo looks amazing with the website to match. Thank you for all the hard work!


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