Jigsaw FM

A brand refresh and new website to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary.

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01 The Client

Jigsaw FM

Jigsaw FM is one of the North West’s leading energy efficient heating and cooling, providing heaters, boilers, ventilation, and air-conditioning for the commercial and industrial sector. They offer a unique combination of service expertise, from the design, installation, and maintenance of local and renewable energy solutions, to finding the correct systems for our clients, whilst also making better use of energy and reducing environmental impacts.

02 The Brief

The original Jigsaw FM logo had been incorporated from the formation of the company in 2007, and the website had not been refreshed properly since 2015.

So, after celebrating their 10th year of the team at Jigsaw FM approached eJIGSAW to executive a branding refresh, and also to design and build a brand-new website, to ensure that the company remained to be seen as a modern, innovative, and marketing-leading company within their industry.

03 Branding Refresh

After extensive discussions and design meetings with the FM team, several concepts were considered and refined until the final design was decided upon. The new logo uses the same typography as the rest of the Jigsaw Group, however, the icon for the logo brings together the four components (or jigsaw pieces) of the business.

The combined icon represents the green and renewable nature of the business through the green colour scheme but also owing to it coming together to create the cuckoo flower, which is the county flower of Cheshire. The designs were not so much a new brand, but a contemporary update on the previous. The new branding is much more clear, more aesthetically appealing, and much more modern. A set of digital brand guidelines was also created to accompany the new branding to ensure the logo is used correctly in all formats

04 A New Website

Once the branding refresh has been rolled out digitally and across their offline materials, the design team looked to create a contemporary, mobile-friendly site, in-line with the new logo and colour palette.

The responsive site was built in WordPress from scratch by our incredibly talented development team, and we used subtle CSS animations to complement the designs and give the website a fluid feel. Furthermore, as a result of the site being quite image-heavy, our expert team used all their knowledge and implemented techniques to make the site quick-to-load, essential for the future marketing efforts we have been asked to complete for them.

Neil Hughes

Director at Jigsaw FM


After celebrating our 10th year at Jigsaw FM the existing branding and website were definitely starting to feel a little dated, so we approached the eJIGSAW team to come up with some concepts and designs. Their whole team was fantastic to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the final product.


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