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“We’re delighted with the final branding for Focus.”

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01 The Client

Focus Dental Putty

Focus Dental Putty is a UK provider of specialist dental products, manufactured to increase both comfort and efficiency for dentists and their patients. With an easy to use design, which is activated by mixing the catalyst and the base, this is an essential product for any dentist.

02 A Focused Brief

Initially, we were tasked with creating a unique brand identity to capture the essence of the product. Closely followed by designs for their product packaging.

03 Crafting A Brand Identity

Following a meeting with Focus Dental Putty, we created a unique identity which captures the core elements of their brand in a versatile logo.

The first core element comes from the action of mixing the two compounds. This process is unique to the product which makes it the most impactful component ‘the swirl’. The second extends from the word “Focus” expressed by the letter “F”. The third core element originates from the final process where the product hardens, represented by the gradient.

04 Product Packaging

For the packaging, we utilised the core brand elements to create informative labels to distinguish between the two compounds. We achieved this by using the brand gradients and colours to identify which compound is in each pot.


Focus Dental Putty


The eJIGSAW design team were amazing to work with and we’re delighted with the final branding for Focus as it conveys the speed and accuracy with which the product work and really fits the ethos we’re trying to portray.


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