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Samara Joins #TeamJigsaw

…as a Digital Marketing Executive.
It’s an exciting start to 2018 at eJIGSAW as we are extremely delighted to announce the appointment of Samara Stewart to the team as Digital Marketing Executive.

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Let eJIGSAW take care of all your technical requirements with eSERVE™


Like most technology products, websites need to continually evolve at an ever-increasing rate, in order to meet the demands of the visitors, customers, and most up-to-date technology.

However, without a dedicated web and priority support team keeping your site looking up-to-date and working optimally, maybe something that falls down the priority list, or worse compromises your website security. This is where eJIGSAW comes in.

Welcome to eSERVE™

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    Looking after the techy stuff and providing priority support at the touch of a button.

  • security


    Keep your website, information, and transactions as secure as possible.

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    Ensuring your website is always updated with the latest releases.

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    Design & development work by our incredibly talented team.

What is eSERVE & How Does It Work?

eSERVE™ is a product which brings together all of the technical support, industry-leading hosting, domain name management, security, system updates, priority support and pro-active development – into the right, simple package for you!

Firstly, our team will have to get some technical details from you and determine where your website is currently hosted, how it has been built, and the platform that it has been built on.

Once this research has been completed, and we have discussed in detail your requirements, we will then be able to advise, how and where we can help, and advise the recommended package for your needs. We will then move your website across to our dedicated 100% uptime guaranteed hosting infrastructure, make sure it is all secured, and implement our on-boarding process, which includes access to our Priority Support System, with a 1 hour SLA only available to eSERVE Clients.

Some of the critical elements our eSERVE team can take care of include:


(All Packages)

When you move your website over to eJIGSAW’s super-fast servers all your data and website information will automatically be backed up on a daily basis so should the unlikely occur and something goes wrong, then we will be able to restore your site without an issue.

Additionally, depending on what content management system (CMS) your website is built on, our team will take care of the application of all security updates as soon as they are released, ensuring your website is always as up-to-date as it can be.


(All Packages)

eJIGSAW host all of its’ websites and applications on our dedicated optimised server infrastructure, which features 100% network uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 UK based monitoring and engineer support, dedicated ASA Firewalls, and dedicated server backup infrastructure with incremental daily backups and automatic failover (with one-hour hardware replacement for all devices) in the event of an issue.

In addition to this, our dedicated infrastructure boasts ‘N+1’ UPS and generator support, as well as dual external power feeds – all of which, is 100% carbon neutral.

As accredited partners to UKFast, our infrastructure is within UK-based data centres, which are ISO 27001 certified, PCI-compliant and able to be secured to UK government IL4 standards (where applicable), which ensures your website is protected by exceptional levels of security and looked after by dedicated engineers, all the time.


(All Packages)

Here at eJIGSAW, we will look after your domain name; from initial purchase (or transfer into our control) to setting it up and getting it online, to ensuring it stays active and safely in your possession. We will also take care of the ‘Domain Name Server (DNS)’ routing, as well as automatically renewing your domain each year, to ensure it stays yours.

Furthermore, we will ensure that your website has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) implemented. SSL is the standard security technology, used by millions of websites, ensuring the protection of data when it passed between servers and browser. It can also help your organic search engine rankings as well. We will keep this all maintained and up-to-date.



We have an extremely talented design team on hand to help with any of your design needs, from social media artwork to landing page design and more.

Our designers are also experts in user experience and in conjunction with our digital marketing team can analyse and figure out exactly where in the funnel your customers are falling away and make amendments to optimise your conversion rate.

Additionally, our talented development team will be able to make minor or large-scale changes to your website and are also experts at making sure your website is responsive and optimised for mobile.

The team also have the ability to develop banners, pop-ups, and newsletters for all your sales and marketing needs.

eSERVE Priority Support

(All Packages)

We love customer service and we want to make sure our customers have an amazing experience, and if they’re having trouble, we give them the utmost of attention.

That’s why all of our eSERVE Clients have access to our dedicated Priority Support System from their desktop, or mobile from wherever they are.


Here at eJIGSAW, we’re an open and honest bunch, and like everything we do our costs are as transparent as possible.

The 3 primary eSERVE packages that we offer are detailed below, from the basic eSSENTIALS to keep your website online, secure and updated, with priority support as standard – to the pro-active development and conversion rate optimisation, included within our eXECUTIVE and eNTERPRISE packages.

Included in each package will be a comprehensive monthly report explaining the work that we have completed, pro-active suggestions for the following months, as well as any outstanding hours that have not been used (which we accrue as ‘banked’ hours). You’ll also get access to our eSERVE Priority Support System from the day we kick off.

If your needs go over your allocated eSERVE hours for the month we will be able to schedule these in, subject to availability and at an additional cost, or take them out of any ‘banked’ hours you might have.



£199 per month (+ VAT). Includes:

• Web & database hosting on the dedicated eJIGSAW hosting infrastructure
• 24/7/365 uptime monitoring and engineer availability in our Data Centres
• Domain management and renewal
• Daily backups
• SSL purchasing and renewal
• CMS security updates
• Application of security patches


From £499 per month (+ VAT). Includes:

• eSSENTIALS package plus…
• 4-8 hours of design, marketing, or development support (minor changes or improvements)
• Registration and management of all available main domain extensions matching primary domain


Price on Request (+ VAT). Includes:

• eSSENTIALS & eXECUTIVE package plus…
• Desired Number of custom email accounts, up to a maximum of 25gb per user
• Additional SSL Certificates (as required)
• Proactive development and design projects within a specific hourly allocation over 8 hours per month