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Our creative process ensures everything we create is unique and challenges the conventions within any industry.

Bringing Brands to Life

By merging the newest and most cutting-edge graphic design expertise, we support our clients with their creative strategy, providing iconic branding, high-end print and offline creative graphic design.

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    We conduct research to understand your customers and how they interact with you.

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    Our talented team will develop your ideas and bring your brand to life.

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    Ensuring your brand remains consistent across all channels from newsletters to social media.

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    Brochures, business cards, flyers, posters. Everything we do is impeccably designed.

Branding & Identity

There isn’t a secret formula for creating a ‘good’ and identifiable brand. A good branding identity should reflect the personality of the company, creating connections that bind a brand and its audience together.

We conduct research and communicate with you to understand your sector, your product, and your audience, and then begin to uncover ‘what it is’ that sets you apart from your competitors.

We’ll present you with a variety of different concepts, and with your feedback, we’ll refine it as much as needed until it’s ready for launch. Once a brand is launched our work doesn’t’ just stop there however, we’ll then review the results and responses to ensure a positive and lasting customer engagement.

Website Design

We don’t use templates. It’s not in the eJIGSAW DNA. Every website we design is started from a blank piece of (digital) paper.

There are too many creative agencies cutting corners and as we say, we’re a little different. We take great pride in the fact that every website we design for our clients is hand-designed from scratch (and then developed from the ground-up by the development team)!

It’s not just all pretty pictures though. Every digital experience we design is scrutinised in detail to ensure that everything from the layout, colours, and user experience is as considered as can be for maximum results.


Print Materials

As well as our digital and website solutions, here at eJIGSAW, we can also support our clients with print and offline marketing materials, ensuring your business or brand stands out from the crowd.

Through the use of critical and inventive thinking and by using the exceptional design skills and experience of the eJIGSAW creative team, your brand will come to life.

Our team can help with creative design projects including; business cards, brochures, banners, flyers, product packaging, marketing materials, and much more. Plus, we get incredible partner discounts on all printing so get in touch and let us help you today.

Photography & Videography

Think about your favourite websites or marketing campaigns. They’ll no doubt they’ll all be different, but the one thing they’ll have in common is picture-perfect photography and videography.

To accompany our expertise in digital design, website development, digital marketing, and print design, we have in-house photographers and videographers that can take care of all your imagery needs.

From high-end cameras to 4K video recorders to top-of-the-range drones combined with our talented production team will help provide your website or campaign with that extra little ‘je ne sais quoi’, helping turn visitors into customers.


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