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How many times have you set there and read through someones website? Probably not many times at all! So why not show your customers whats great about your business and get your message across in a professional, auto-play web video?

Professional Scripting & Presentation

Our scripting team and range of professional presenters will make sure we get your message across. Whether your web video is there to introduce your company on your home page, or to showcase your products or service – we will make sure your web video is professional and creates the wow factor!


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[heading subtitle=”it helps my SEO?…”]What’s this…[/heading]

Online consumption is changing much like the evolution of 20th century media: newspapers and magazines made room for radio, while film and TV, came to captivate large audiences. Similarly, the internet isn’t simply text based anymore…

Why does web video help?

For years, there has been a fight to get the first position in search engine results, but now online videos are pulled into what Google calls “blended results.” Video is weighted higher by Google because of the assumption that it is more time consuming to produce, post and curate. Thus a site without video has a hard time ranking over a competitor featuring numerous web videos.