Halyard Events

Creating memorable events

Halyard Events is an event management company that delivers memorable events UK wide and has an office in Glasgow. Halyard’s services include the full event management package right down to the provision of individual speakers at events. Clients include small and large organisations such as Glasgow City Council & North Lanarkshire Council as well as sole-individuals.

Decisive Brand Identity

Crafted with care for the large and small.

When we were contacted by Halyard Events they had the ambition to be a recognisable brand to appeal to both large corporations and small startup companies. Specialising in events management Halyard events cater for small parties to large conferences. We set out to create a brand image which could project a message no matter the platform.


The single most powerful tool

Choosing the right for Halyard Events was easy, whilst looking for an impactful and decisive display font we stumbled across Halyard. Conveniently having the same name and taking some inspiration from typography found on ships we new this was the perfect match. We chose to use Halyard Display to convey all our key messages and their Text variant to handle all other typographic needs.

Picture of the font Halyard Display anHalyard Events typography

Creative Strategy

Creative direction ready for anything, anywhere.

By working closely with Declan, we were able to identify 3 core elements that would influence the direction of the branding and identity, as well as meet the demands of the brief, these were events, sailing and the initial “h”. The final mark was inspired by sailing iconography and shafts of light created during stage shows. By using a method that is derived from the golden ratio, we were able to marry these elements with the initial “h” to create a unique and striking mark for Halyard Events.


Displaying the essentials

Alongside the new branding, Halyard Events needed an online presence that would serve as a simple yet informative portal to upcoming events that they are involved with.

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Prospectus Print

Realising sales potential with print

The Ejigsaw design team were tasked with designing promotional print materials ranging from business cards to marketing brochures to help Halyard Events recruit new companies to work with and attract blue-chip clients.