Shannon Irvine Joins #TeamJigsaw

…as a Digital Marketing Executive.

We’re closing in on an exciting 8 months at eJIGSAW and as a result of our increasing client portfolio, we are happy to announce the appointment of Shannon Irvine as Digital Marketing Executive.

At eJIGSAW, Shannon will be responsible for managing all digital marketing activity at eJIGSAW, both internally and for clients, including SEO, PPC campaigns and Google Analytics. Shannon will also be responsible optimising client’s ROI and work with the Head of Digital to manage and deliver performance requirements.

Additionally, Shannon will support the project management and business development teams when completing tender processes, liaising with clients, and managing existing projects.


To get to know Shannon a little better we asked her some ‘personal’ questions…

1. Why eJIGSAW?

Firstly, the company looked like it would be the perfect cultural fit for me, and when I came into to interview everyone was extremely welcoming!

2. Describe yourself in 3 words.

  • Sarcastic
  • Organised
  • Hyper

3. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

Coming from Belfast and growing up in the 90s I attended Holycross Girls School, which was a Catholic school located in a Protestant area and was subject to several sectarian attacks. So there was never a dull day at school!

4. What is your favourite film of all-time?

5. What is your favourite song of all-time?

6. And…would you rather have ham for hands or a have a finger that can travel through time, but only the finger?

The finger that could travel through time as it might be able to bring stuff back for you. Also, the smell of the ham might become too much.


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