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Is Your Website Ready for Voice Search?

With the rise in voice assistants and smart speakers, our marketing team take a look at voice search, what it means, and ask the question 'is your website ready for voice search?' (more…)

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    Neil Coleman

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    1st June 2017

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Josh Jackson Joins eJIGSAW

We’re absolutely delighted to announce the appointment of Josh Jackson to the Design team.

Having worked across a broad range of clients during his time at an agency in Cheshire, Josh has worked across all aspects of the design spectrum and has recently become specialised in designing applications and user-interfaces, and considering user experience.

At eJIGSAW, Josh will be responsible for designing websites and application interfaces on both web and mobile, translating client requirements and concepts into intuitive and clean UIs, and creating innovative and engaging user experiences.

Josh will also support the project management and business development teams when completing tender processes, liaising with clients, and managing existing projects.


“I was eager to work with eJIGSAW for the genuine team culture of the business.”

To get to know Josh a little better we asked him some ‘personal’ questions…


1. Firstly…why eJIGSAW?

I was eager to work with eJIGSAW for the genuine team culture of the business. Decisions aren’t made behind closed doors by an unapproachable board of directors. Things get discussed and acted on as a collective, which gives a real sense of ownership.

2. Describe yourself in 3 words.

  • Thinker
  • Doodler
  • Nincompoop

3. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I got a tattoo with my Mum once because she’s ace.

4. What is your favourite film of all-time?


5. What is your favourite song of all-time?

6. And…would you rather have accordions for legs, or have a 10-inch belly button that swayed to the beat of the music?

Accordions for legs as belly buttons freak me out


Want to work for an exciting start-up and be part of something a little bit ‘different’? Head over to our careers page and see if you’re a fit for any of our current roles.

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