eJIGSAW Website Goes Live

Welcome to the brand-new eJIGSAW website…!

Since launching eJIGSAW at the turn of the year, the past 8 months have been an extraordinary journey, and once we finished recruited the initial core team back in May we sat down to scope out the brand-new eJIGSAW website.

However, our 2 new designers made their voice heard (it’s one of our Core Values after all) and they decided that our branding (designed an age ago) was not up to scratch, so the eJIGSAW branding was completely overhauled.



Unfortunately, or luckily, whichever way you look at it, the website then had to take a back seat, as despite not having an existing site clients were brought onboard and our clients’ projects will always take priority over our own.

The brief for the site was to build something that showcased eJIGSAW as a company, but also to convey the ethos, creativity, and atmosphere that makes working with and for us so special.

We deliberated over designs and eventually decided on the beautifully curated website you see today. Built on WordPress, the site place emphasis on an attractive but simple design, a perfectly smooth user-experience, and super-quick load speeds, that also has a few little CSS and jQuery animations and effects added by our developers, just for fun.

Like all our work the site is optimised for mobile, and we ensured that image and page sizes were considered at every turn so that people using mobile devices on slower connections can still experience all the website has to offer.

After weeks (maybe months) of exquisite design, hand-written code, writing copy, taking photos, testing, snagging, reviewing, refining, and more, we are ready to launch.



So, enjoy our website. In all its’ bespoke, rapid, fully-responsive, and SEO-optimised glory. And if you like our website so much that you must tell someone then feel free to share it to your heart’s content using the social icons below.

EDIT – Since launching the website we have been nominated for two awards already! Take a look here and here.


If you like the cut of our jib, whether you want us to build you a website, develop you a bespoke web application, help with your digital marketing, or you want to work for our incredible team, feel free to get in touch and speak to one of the eJIGSAW team.

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