eJIGSAW are Google Partners

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eJIGSAW are Google Partners

We’re delighted to announce that after a prolonged period of excellent performance, eJIGSAW are Google Partners!


The Google Partner Badge

Over the weekend we received our congratulatory email, from Google HQ, letting us know that over the last 12 months, eJIGSAW have demonstrated AdWords expertise for all of our clients and, as a result, have earned ourselves a Google Partner status; including the badge and all the benefits that come with it.

Not that we like to brag or anything but, only agencies who have provided an impeccable service for at least 12 months or more are now awarded this prestigious badge.


What does it mean?

Well, to start with, to earn the Partner badge, we have met the following milestones over the previous 12 months:

1. Performance

To earn the Google Partner badge, all agencies must meet a certain performance level as assessed by Google. This performance is based on client revenue growth and retention, as well as growth in revenue and advertising performance.

2. Spend

Another criterion that must be met to be awarded the badge is minimum spend. In the last 12 months, due to the number of clients who have trusted the eJIGSAW team, to manage their AdWords budget, we have surpassed the minimum spend and some!

3. Certification

The final box that has to be ticked off is that at least 1 person within eJIGSAW has to have passed the relevant exams to become a certified Google expert. Here at eJIGSAW, we don’t just have 1 expert… all members of our digital marketing team are certified Google experts.


“As a Google Partner, what can eJIGSAW do you for you?”


What does this mean for our clients?

So enough of what we have had to do to prove we’re experts, how does this Google Partner recognition help you, the client? And as a Google Partner what can eJIGSAW do for you?

In very basic terms, it means that we have been officially recognised by the Kings/Queens of the Internet, Google, as knowing our stuff. We can be trusted to effectively manage your online advertising budget and we can be trusted to increase your revenue through the use of pay-per-click ads, via the Google AdWords Platform.

Additionally, as a partner, we get exclusive access to Google events, rewards, training, and product updates that non-badged agencies do not have access to, all of which we can pass on to our clients, and use to ensure we’re getting the best out of your advertising campaigns! You know your business, we know Google… it’s a match made in heaven!

To learn more about Google Partners head to the Google Partners page, or to learn more about our expertise, head to the eJIGSAW Partner page.

Fancy having your advertising managed by an officially recognised Google Partner agency, or fancy becoming part of an award-winning team, get in touch with eJIGSAW today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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