BrightOffice Pick eJIGSAW

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BrightOffice Pick eJIGSAW

Innovative CRM software suppliers, BrightOffice become the latest company to choose eJIGSAW as their digital partner.

As a result of extensive discussions with the team at BrightOffice, we’re delighted to announce that eJIGSAW will now be responsible for managing all of the BrightOffice digital marketing efforts, including content optimisation, SEO, and in particular their paid advertising, primarily through Google AdWords.

Based in Skelmersdale in Lancashire, BrightOffice is recognised across the industry for providing cloud-based integrated business software with the power of traditional applications used by the world’s largest companies, but at a fraction of the cost and complexity.

Founded by Paul Groome in late 2004, the company currently provides CRM software solutions to clients in sectors including financial claims, debt management, debt collection, Green Deal & ECO, renewable energy, training, job management and lettings management.

Head of Digital at eJIGSAW, Neil Coleman:

“We are absolutely chuffed that BrightOffice have chosen eJIGSAW to manage their organic and paid digital marketing strategy. We will be working extensively across all their digital and online offerings to help increase quality leads to their sales team.”

Make sure to keep checking our case studies page for the positive results of the digital strategy we implement in the near future!

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