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[heading subtitle=”… exchange hosting in the Cloud”]Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email’s [/heading]

[one_third centered_text=”true” animation=”Fade In” delay=”100″] [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” image=”icon-off”][heading subtitle=”Keeping you Online”] [/heading]We keep your business emails online with 99.9% guaranteed up-time, meaning your emails are always coming in. We understand that your emails are at the centre of your business operations and will make sure they stay that way. Our UK Data Centre’s provide maximum security and up-time for your email exchange server, we have several servers mirrored across the heart of the UK, so even if there is a problem our generators and backup servers are just a click away – keeping your emails online.


[one_third centered_text=”true” animation=”Fade In” delay=”150″][icon color=”Extra-Color-1″ size=”small” image=”icon-money”] [heading subtitle=”Reduce your Costs”] [/heading]Moving to Hosted Exchange means you benefit from a full-featured Exchange service without the normal IT overhead for having the system in your own office. Many small to medium-sized businesses cannot afford their own server, which with the initial setup and ongoing maintainance can be thousands. Our team at eJigsaw will provide a cost effective and second-to-none solution for your managed exchange emails – in the cloud![/one_third]

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Not just hosted once…

To ensure your email data remains safe and secure in the Cloud, every mailbox hosted on our eJigsaw Cloud infrastructure are hosted on multiple  Exchange servers – in our UK data centres. What’s more, all mailboxes are regularly backed-up.

Expert support

Our team of exchange server cloud experts are always on hand to keep your emails up and running. Our team are able to quickly work with you to solve any questions or issues you may have. Our customers are what matters to us.. no matter what!

Completely creative

eJigsaw are all about being different, not least with our exchange cloud hosting. Our team are here to create you the very best solution for you, at affordable prices.



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[pricing_column title=”Exchange Cloud” highlight=”true” highlight_reason=”Most Popular” color=”extra-color-1″ price=”7.80″ currency_symbol=”from £” interval=”per month”]

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[pricing_column title=”Exchange Ultimate” highlight=”true” highlight_reason=”Premium Package” color=”extra-color-2″ price=”14.99″ currency_symbol=”from £” interval=”per month” ]

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Our Exchange Cloud Server Status…

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