Turning your website visitors into loyal customers with conversion rate optimisation.

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Turn Traffic into Profit

Attracting visitors to your website but not converting them into customers? This is where CRO comes in. Let the eJIGSAW marketing team analyse and utilise the data to make informed adjustments to achieve the required outcomes for your business.

Using Data-Driven Processes to Increase Website Conversions

Conversion rate optimisation is the process in which we start to look at techniques to increase the number of conversions on a website. A conversion can be anything from a page view to a purchase; the action in which you class as a conversion is dependant on your goals.

There are many techniques and strategies that can be carried out on a website in order to help it to rank well within the search engines, to gain more exposure on social media, and to generally drive more traffic to a website. However, once that traffic is there, are they actually converting into leads/sales?

There are often times when a website is ranking highly within the search engines, and gaining a good amount of traffic, but the business just isn’t receiving the expected number of conversions. This is usually down to an issue with the pages the users are landing on, so this is where Conversion Rate Optimisation(CRO)comes in; looking at data to identify potential issues, and where users may be getting confused on a site, and making necessary changes to improve conversion rates.

Why Conversion Rate Optimisation?

  • Understand Your Users

  • Improve User Journey

  • Increase Conversions

Our CRO Approach

Amendments can sometimes be something as small as changing the colour of a button, or they could mean a complete redesign of a page layout.

Our digital marketing and UX experts at eJIGSAW will analyse your website in order to determine why your website visitors may not be performing the actions you intend them to.

We will use tools and techniques such as A/B split testing, heatmaps and scrollmaps, and more, which will help us to fully determine where there may be issues on a web page, or where people may be getting confused on your site.

Once issues have been determined, amendments can then be made to the web pages in an attempt to improve the user journey, and hopefully lead visitors to convert.

This is where the digital marketing team, UX team, and developers will work together to ensure all changes made to the site are kept consistent with the rest of the website, and running smoothly.

CRO Tools & Techniques

Throughout a CRO campaign our team will continuously focus on conversion rate optimisation or CRO using the latest technologies.

This allows us to track the journey of each visitor to your website and provide real-time feedback on visitor behaviour and user-engagement, which we can then use to recommend and implement relevant changes for your website.

Here are some (not all, we don’t want to give too much away!) of the tools & techniques we use for CRO to improve the user journey and, in turn, improve your conversions.

  • 1. A/B & Multivariate Testing

    A/B testing allows us to create multiple versions of a web page with just one aspect altered, whereas with multivariate testing we can test different variations of certain aspects within a page. Both can be used to compare and determine which combinations of variations within a web page perform the best.

  • 2. Heatmaps

    Using heat maps can help to determine where users are clicking, or attempting to click when they land on a page of your website. This can show where the key elements of a page are, or where there may be confusion in how a user interacts with the page.

  • 3. Scrollmaps

    Scrollmaps simply highlight the number of people who drop off at different scroll points within a web page. Scrollmap data helps to determine things such as, whether your banner image takes up too much of the screen, whether there is too much information on a page, or whether the page is not engaging enough for the user as they scroll down.

  • 4. Behaviour Flow

    Looking at user behaviour flows can help us to see how users move through a website. It will show their journey from landing on the website to where they exit, and all the pages they visited in between. This can help us to see if users are able to navigate through the site well, and whether they’re working their way down the conversion funnels.

  • 5. Visitor Recordings

    Effectively a live version of heatmaps, scroll maps, and behaviour flows, using new technologies means we can watch actual screen recordings of a user interacting with your website, allowing us to identify issues and drop-off points within the customer journey.

Platforms We Use


As well as the usual Google SEO and reporting tools, we have developed our own bespoke in-house analytical program that brings in data from everywhere (Google, Bing, Paid Ads, Social, Links, Digital PR) and produces bespoke reports for our clients.

Our bespoke software also includes unique site audit tools that help us analyse, discover, and eliminate common website issues that could have a detrimental impact on your SEO and conversions performance. The tools automatically check for numerous website issues, such as 404 errors, duplicate content, broken images etc., on a scheduled basis to ensure your website always follows the best SEO and CRO practices.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s own (completely free!) analytical platform that gives you access to an enormous amount of data about the type of people visiting your website and a deeper understanding of their behaviours whilst on the site all so that you can deliver a better digital experience and therefore drive positive results.

We’re experts when it comes to Google Analytics, and just by adding tiny line of code to your website, we get an insight into who, what, where, and why people are coming to, using, and leaving your website, and also get access to a powerful reporting dashboard that can create unique and granular reports to help us to determine and recommend changes.

Google Analytics

Google Optimize

Here at eJIGSAW, we let the data drive everything we do, so we use Google Optimize, a CRO tool that shows you which site experiences engage and delight your customers and propose the solutions you need to deliver them.

From A/B testing to multivariate testing and redirect resting, Google Optimize has the features we need to analyse your site, see what works and what doesn’t, and then allows to test what we create to ensure it is having the right effect in engaging visitors and turning them into loyal customers.

Google Optimize

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio, is a reporting platform from Google, that works in a similar way to our own bespoke reporting platform, making every single bit of your data accessible and useful, using interactive dashboards and engaging reports that help making smarter digital decisions.

Google Data Studio can handle a whole world of data, regardless of the source, giving us the ability to create meaningful and real-time reports with customisable aspects, and allowing us to present the data in a way that you want. It’s not just Google information either, using APIs, external data from Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram can also be added!

Google Data Studio


Hotjar is an essential piece of software for any CRO analysis and really is an amazing way to truly get to know your website and understand what is working for your visitors and what isn’t.

Using Hotjar’s primary tracking methods (visitor recordings, scroll heat maps, and click heat maps) we are able to track the journey of each individual visitor to your website, allowing us to provide live and real-time feedback on visitor behaviour and user-engagement. This then gives us the ability to determine and implement relevant changes for your website in order to optimise the conversion rate of traffic reaching the site.



Optimizely is one of the of the world’s leading digital experimentations platforms and a key piece of the software in the CRO puzzle and operates in a similar way to Google Optimize allowing us to continuously experiment with your digital experiences to ensure the right combination is put in place.

The platform is easy-to-use and trusted by the likes of Weight Watchers, Microsoft, and OpenTable, so should definitely not be ignored when considering conversion rate optimisation and digital experimentation.



Airbnb, Expedia, and Facebook are all experts at precision-crafted digital experiences and all users of UserTesting, but what exactly is it?

By using real people and real-time reactions, UserTesting is an online platform for cultivating rapid feedback on many types of customer experiences such as websites, mobile apps, and online prototypes, helping identify pain points with user experience, understanding customers thoughts and behaviours, as well as validating design decisions before implementing them in the real world.



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