UX & UI Design

Making digital accessible, enjoyable, functional and easy-to-use.

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Where Form Meets Function

We create hand-crafted designs that not only look aesthetically impressive but also meet the pre-determined objectives of your project and ensure everything is considered.

Considering the User Journey at Every Step

Our approach to UX & UI design focused entirely on the end user, whether they are customers or employees, each user is as important as the other. Our aim is to design accessible experiences for all abilities, not just a majority.

Creating a website or a system that looks the part, but doesn’t function as your users would expect it to, is pointless. This is where our team at eJIGSAW are experts in producing intuitive and user-friendly online experiences for all of your customers.

This can be done by finding out and utilising, the goals you want to achieve i.e. for completions, product purchases, document downloads, etc. and then we can create a landing page, website, or web application with the intention of helping to convert and retain your customers.

Each industry, and more specifically each individual website, is completely different and depending on your goals and objectives, this can define how a user may interact with your website or web application.


  • Accessible

  • Usable

  • Convertible

Why Are UX and UI so Important?

We want to ensure that your customers are having the easiest, and more enjoyable experience possible when they land on your website, or your employees can work in the most satisfying and efficient way possible.

This is why we use UX & UI to design something that is completely seamless, enjoyable, and appealing to each and every user that lands on your website, or uses your system.

Our teams design and build each and every website from the ground up, and with your ultimate goal always in mind, we will turn your vision into a reality, which not only looks good but is also accessible for everyone.

Our Approach to UX & UI

At eJIGSAW, everything we produce looks good but also, and most importantly, works well.

The initial brief we create will be considered throughout the project to ensure that the user-interface and user-experience is considered and matches the pre-determined objectives of the project.

  • 2. Personas

    A persona is a type of person who may be using your system or website. This could be an employee using an internal system, or a potential customer you’d like to make a purchase from your eCommerce website. Creating different personas helps the team to actually imagine the type of user that will be using the website or web application, which allows them to come to a more effective result.

  • 3. Accessibility

    Numerous variations need to into consideration when creating a website or system, including adapting certain features to accommodate for visually-impaired users. The team will often look at a page they have designed and question whether it would be suitable for someone who may be blind, colour-blind, have to use voice control, and so on.

  • 4. CRO

    UX & UI are a big part of conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and vice-versa. Conversion rate optimisation is carried out when a website isn’t performing how it should be, so we use tools and techniques to help improve the user-journey and therefore increase conversions. All of the above should be considered when implementing CRO, and this is where design, development, and marketing teams would work together to produce optimal results.

Case Study

BrightOffice Ltd.

Learn how the strategy we put in place for the software company, BrightOffice increased organic traffic by 30%, increased website conversions by 47% and decreased cost-per-click by 8%.

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