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Case study

Client - The Blenheim Club

Testimonial - "The team at eJIGSAW were extremely attentive, they have an outstanding imaginative culture and this shows in the work they produce. "

The Client

The Blenheim Club

Established in 2017, The Blenheim Club is an exclusive club that connects and helps the most successful entrepreneurs, industry innovators, billionaires and family offices. Their aim is to help grow businesses, increase wealth, and maximise their individual potential whilst making giant positive changes to the world.

The Brief

Logo & Brand Identity

After meeting the team from Blenheim and discussing their needs in details, eJIGSAW were delighted to be appointed to initially oversee the creation of their entire branding, design, and build a holding page for the company prior to the design and development of their full website, as well as all digital and printed marketing materials.

The Solution

We created a brand, that stayed true to the roots and heritage of historical private members club, whilst also incorporating ideas from the Fibonacci Sequence. The result was a traditional logo and branding that oozed class and old-English charm, whilst incorporating a contemporary edge.

The initial design incorporated a membership sign-up page that is only accessible with a unique membership code. The design of the page included the new branding overlayed on a video of waves lapping upon a beach on a private island, the ultimate exclusive and luxurious holiday destination.

“The team at eJIGSAW were extremely attentive. They have an outstanding imaginative culture and this shows in the work they produce.”

Tom Wilkins,
Founder of The Blenheim Club

See It Here

See The Blenheim Club website for yourself.

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