We are a team of designers, developers, and digital marketing experts.

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Meet Our Team

Chris Percival


One of the UK’s most influential entrepreneurs but never makes a coffee round.

Neil Coleman

Head of Operations

Expert in Aeropress coffee and inappropriate jokes.

Laura Stewart

Senior Back-End Developer

A talented back-end dev who can actually speak to people. Basically indispensable.

Frances Massie

Front-End Developer


Plays sax and claims to speak Japanese.

Rob Pomfret


Likes the ukelele and baking. The team only like him baking.

Our Values

We Like Being Different

We are committed to understanding the larger challenges faced by each business we deal with and will apply an immersive and open and honest collaborative approach to all tasks thrown at us.

By being partners in the truest sense of the word we believe in discussions, not briefs; solutions, not problems; and friendships, not client relationships. We will spend as much time as possible going over the finer details to get to exactly what is needed.

  • We’re not ashamed to say here at eJIGSAW we’re a little different. From how we approach projects, to how we interact with our clients, to the atmosphere in the office, all the way down to our team members.

    We promise not to be just another agency (there’s a lot of them), and we promise to do things differently to make your project stand out from the crowd. It’s not our tagline for no reason!

  • Be Innovative

    We don’t see clients as our customers, we see ourselves as an extension of your company. Your problems are our problems. So, we’re here to make sure everything you need from your project is delivered with speed, quality, and precision, to fit your schedule.

    We also continuously look for better ways of doing things, embrace new technology, encourage initiative, learn from mistakes, and be prepared to change when we need to, and as a result, we are able to use what we discover to help you get you the results you want.

  • Be Open & Honest

    We adopt an open, honest, and collaborative approach across all aspects of our business. If something will take too long, cost too much, or just isn’t possible, we’ll tell you. Honesty and transparency when communicating with our clients lead to solid and lasting relationships, that are built on mutual trust.

    This also applies to our team. Everyone is involved in key decisions, empowering us to share ideas and be honest, open, and genuine.

  • Be Creative

    We are creative folk, blessed with a sense of curiosity and resourcefulness, and our office is an inspirational environment where creativity is actively encouraged and embraced.

    The ideas we come up with and what we create as a result are what makes us different, but we don’t just make things because they’re trendy, discovering new and bespoke solutions to solve our clients’ problems is what makes us really tick.

  • Be Passionate

    We love what we do and it shows. Each member of #TeamJigsaw has a love of their industry and a passion for helping their clients. This passion manifests itself in an unparalleled determination to succeed and provide the best service possible.

    From the brands we craft to the websites we design and build from scratch (never, ever from templates), to the enterprise systems we develop, the passion and commitment to each project never falter.

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